Monticello Area/Mississippi River Shuttles
Monticello Shuttles, Monticello, MN. 55362

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Scott Struif

Scott Struif has worked at The Fly Angler since 1996, and in retail fly fishing in the Twin Cities since 1982.  Scott has guided countless fly fishermen at Alaska's Bristol Bay Lodge, during his 9 seasons there, as well as in Mongolia.  Scott has also hosted many saltwater trips to The Bahamas and The Pacific, primarily for bonefish.  His favorite local fish are smallmouth bass, muskies, and steelhead.  In his own words, " I like to throw big flies at big fish where there are no big crowds..." BEWARE...Once you get him talking he may never shut up!

To get him talking, try emailing him at
Visit the Fly Angler on line at:


   Brett With His Drift Boat 

Play Hookey Fly Fishing

Brett Nelson Owner

Voted by Field & Stream Magazine as one of the Midwest's best fishing spots, the beautiful upper Mississippi River is loaded with fish just waiting to bite and Play Hookey Fly Fishing will take you to these spots.

Brett Says "Throughout much of the year, this section of the stream provides great opportunity to catch smallmouth bass (up to five pounds!) either on the fly or with conventional gear."

Brett can be contacted at:


Justin Netzer, aka Urban Bone Fisher

Urban Bone Fisher

Justin Netzer Owner

Justin's combined experience includes over 20 years of fishing. Justin say's "It is my goal for the angler to gain valuable knowledge about fishing, including: know when the fish are running, improve casting skills, learn how to locate and find where the fish are hiding, and gain the confidence to go fishing alone and be successful on any body of water. I want you to be a better angler, not dependent on me or other guides to catch fish." With that being said, "I may not be the most “well-known or popular” guide Minnesota has, but if you fish with me, you will learn the ropes of how to catch trophy fish. Oh and you’ll have a good time too, because I’m a hell of a nice western boy living in an urban world and all I want to do is catch a big fish or two!"
Justin can be contacted at:

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